Aluminium joinery

Many are the virtues and qualities that feature material such as aluminum for the manufacture of window, door, furniture, enclosures, terraces, etc, since we take advantage of the benefits of this raw material, aluminum, turning them into the best product to meet your needs.
The advantages include:
Aluminum windows require less maintenance than other materials, because lacquered finish presents a minimum of defects.
A perfect adhesion of the paint is allowed preventing the partial or complete corrosion of the profiles, thanks to the process of anodizing to which it is subjected. Is more durable and does not deform.
Products made in aluminum last longer, since they are designed against solar radiation, humidity and any weather incident.
They are non-flammable products and enduring high temperatures and fire without any release of substances harmful to people’s health.
Aluminum is a material non-toxic, eco-friendly and can be recycled.
Aluminum is adapting quickly and easily, allowing making any type of architectural work.
These are the qualities and benefits more representative brought by aluminum joinery, in our case, we are a aluminum joinery in Tenerife south with many years of experience in the entire island.

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