Hinged windows

The hinged window allows us to use the entire opening of the hollow. It turns on fittings placed in one of the wings of the sheets, generally towards the interior of the building being possible also towards the exterior.
Generally they are installed in the interior part of the building, allows us the entire opening, being able to turn 180 °degrees. Possibility to open left and right side.
Hinged window has a big advantage in thermal and acoustic isolation thanks to the big water tightness that provide his hermetic closing.
Esthetically transmits elegance in addition to the quality and the durability .
The hinged windows are made with a hinge in the side and a crank or manacle to open generally towards the interior, allowing air coming from the exterior.
The hinged windows are an easy and effortless system.
The hinged windows can be done in two sheets within the same frame, combined with fixed glazing, top or lateral side.
You can also have the option to build up grill to achieve a different esthetic touch.


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