Projecting and swivel windows

The projecting windows offer us a way of looking at the exterior from another perspective.
It is a window whit projected sheets towards and thanks to the hinges that are in the top part of the frame.
Generally, they are chosen for esthetic and space saving reasons to be used for commerce or housing developments, providing elegance and style.

This window can be installed in an individual way or together with another one, in combination with the rest of windows or installed above or under other types of windows with different mechanism: hinged, sliding … generally with the purpose of obtaining ventilation and extra light.

The closed window offers so much a finished inscrutability to the air, water and wind, as well as isolation of the sound.
The swivel window system offers several benefits: a good level of water tightness and of soundproofing thanks to its closing, a very wide field of vision and few invasion of the interior space.
The swivel windows allow regulating the ventilation towards the interior of the house and they are very easy to clean from the interior and easy to handle without efforts.

The projecting and swivel window does not turn freely there are few sticking points controlled by the person, what allows several opening positions.
The closing can be conventional, with side or central manacle, or with propulsion bar.
The projecting and swivel window can be opened through vertical or horizontal turn.


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